News & Announcement


April 1, 2014

Iko became certified as a Soul Motion™ teacher after her participation in 2013-2014 Soul Motion™ Leadership Training.


June 2014

Katrina Curry and Iko Miyazaki have co-created Sacramento Soul Motion™ Community (SacSoMo at 


June-July 2014

SacSoMo has provided six free promotional classes, Soul Motion™ Mixed Salad to Unitarian Universalist Society Sacramento as a part of their adult enrichment program.


August 2014

SacSoMo started a weekly Saturday morning class: Soul Motion™ Odyssey

~ Beging Again at Sierra 2 center at Studio 2 in down town.


September 2014

James Curry, Soul Motion™ apprentice, joined SacSoMo as a guest teacher.

October 2014

SacSoMo started offering two classes, Mindful movement and Odyssey on approval by the Department of Parks & Recreation, the City of Sacramento. 






Starting in January 2015, SacSoMo will be offering two classes for the Department of Parks & Recreation, the City of Sacramento at Coloma Community Center, 4623 T Street. 

Weekly Monday Morning class:

Awake with Mindful Movement: A Soul Motion™ Experience

9:30am to 10:45am at Sonora Room

$15 for each class & $50 for each month

Monthly 3rd Friday evening class:

Begin Again: Soul Motion™ Fundamentals

6:30pm to 8:00pm at Sonora Room

$15 for each class