Sacramento Soul Motion™ Community (SacSoMo)

Soul Motion™ certified teachers, Katrina Curry and Iko Miyazaki are co-creating Sacramento Soul Motion™ Community (SacSoMo) with James Curry, Soul Motion™ apprentice. They offer classes, events, and workshops. For more information, please visit


Saturday Morning Class: Soul Motion™ Odyssey ~ Begin Again

Starting on August 2, 2014, SacSoMo has been offering a weekly Saturday morning class at Sierra 2 Center, Studio 2 at 2791 24th Street in downtown Sacramento. Class is from 10:30am to 12noon. Door opens and music starts at 10:15am. Katrina and Iko will be facilitating this dance inquiry in alternating weeks. Students are encouraged to arrive early to practice Body Awareness. Please dress comfortably and bring your own water. Dance paws or dance shoes are optional; barefoot is also appropriate.



Soul Motion™ Class for the Parks & Recreation Department of the City of Sacramento

Since September 2014, SacSoMo has been offering a monthly class on Third Friday from January through August at Coloma Community Center at 4623 T Street in East Sacramento. 

Begin Again: Soul Motion™ Fundamentals (Improvisation Lab)

Monthly third Friday Evening from 6:30pm till 8:00pm

at Sonora Room




Soul Motion™ Mixed Salad: Mindful Movement, Odyssey, & Improvisation Lab

Sacsomo offers a series of three classes of Soul Motion™ classes, including Mindful Movement, Odyssey, & Improvisation Lab to organizations in the community.