"Soul Motion™ has been more for me than feeling comfortable on the dance floor. Recently, someone in my Toastmaster group said this to me in an evaluation. She said that I have "fluidity of movement and a presence." I believe Iko's Soul Motion™ class is a large part of me feeling more in my body and getting such feedback."

~ J.G.



"I've been privileged to participate in conscious movement practice with Iko Miyazaki for over two years, and in particular, the last year as a student of Soul Motion™ as designed by Vinn Arjuna Marti and facilitated by Iko Miyazaki at Deane Dance Center.


Why do I participate in consciousness dance?  Three words, pure unadulterated joy.  Every Friday evening, I learn about life on the sanctuary of the dance floor, an oxymoron, I know, but during the stillness of the music & movement/dance, some basic lessons are offered, such as listening and communing with body & letting myself be moved; lessons about my involvement while in community; lessons of utilizing the space around me and move (dance) among and flow like liquid with others. . . I could go “on and on”, but the basic reason I continue with Iko Miyazakicertified Soul Motion™ teacher, is because I’m slowly and consciously becoming “self-aware” by the practice of listening and feeling Soul Motion™. A sense of vim, vigor and vitality!!"


~ Tatsuno 

Privileged to be a student of Iko Miyazaki 



"If you love to move and dance, then you will definitely want to come in and at least try an evening guided by IKO. No matter what kind of dance you currently do, or even if you don't dance, give it try. Iko blend of highly trained Soul Dancer, Japanese purity, and her therapist background creates an amazing space of magic and warmth on the dance floor." 

~ Patrick McCallum



"If you want more than just a dance class, I highly recommend Iko Miyazaki. I have been studying with Iko for over two years, but am constantly surprised and challenged. Other dance/movement classes seem pallid in comparison."

~ Olga